Popular Colors for Spring&Summer in 2023

From bright color tone to deep color tone , the popular colors refreshed in 2023, with an unexpected way to express personality.

Released by Pantone in New York Times on Sep.7,2022 , there’re five classic colors will be popular in 2023 Spring&Summer which will be presented as following collections by designers.



Research by Pantone, those popular colors showed the relationship between experiences and colors. Keep going forward from to riot to peace ,we use these colors to celebrate new findings on freedom and things.

Leatrice Eiseman, Director of Pantone, the popular colors of Spring&Summer in 2023 is the symbol which we coming into new phase.

Following are the brief introduction popular colors of Spring&Summer in 2023.

No. 1, Skylight,PANTONE 12-4604,a color tone as pure water.


No.2, Vanilla Cream, PANTONE 12-1009,a color tone as soft cream.五大核心经典色-香草奶油粉

No.3, Gray Lilac,PANTONE 13-3804,a color tone as fantastic ethereal.


No.4,Leek Green,PANTONE 15-0628, a color tone with tiny plant smell.


No.5, Macchiato, PANTONE 17-1221,a color tone with light bubble.




Post time: Jan-13-2023